Cryptic procession of the yellow sign

by Destino/Entierro

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released September 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Destino/Entierro Spain

Doom Death Band formed by members of Freakhate, General Winter, Human Waste, Lux Divina , Memest etc...

Line up:

Antuan: Vox
Abel: Bäss
Josue: Guitars
Dani: Drums

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Track Name: Obey the swamp Leader (The will ov GG)
Horror comes, fresh womb, illegal alcohol...
Swamp ritual, black flame, lets start this sacrifice
Southern annilation, from the altair to the grave
Slut's Corpse (as) portal from the deeps
Cosmic horror comes as we believe
Deep ones rise from mud, GG keeps this worship pure!
Reborn, ancient creature!
with claws and tentacles
Redmoon shinning again
feeded with unholy blood!!
Dixie beast, reign of cretins
crushing the smoldering cross
Our Führer raising in cosmic form!
Deep ones takes the control
Track Name: Cthulhu is my bitch
Sluts & corpses falling into the ground.
Bar is my warzone...
After no leave alcohol, outlaw assholes!
GG is hungry ov souls
Eibon unleashed our ancient god
is my fucking bitch!!
A squad ov alcoholic creatures
bring them in to the swamp
Altar is ready (for) redneck mass
"Some aklo words"
Track Name: Summoning the Unanamable
Forbidden pages of Eibon
Sumerian texts and cocaine
Summoning the unanameable
Collapse in an extasy
Blessed caos...Deep ones fighting for a six pack beer
Innsmouth shadow...vexed on a ritualistic alcoholism
Hippies, perfect host for the unnamable
Born from failure dixie mass
Worshipping Yog-Sothoth!
GG claims the ancient's will!
“I wanna puke, i'll share it with you fools
I gonna spread aids, i'm glad to see you die
I'm fucking drunk, fighting against you cunts
I rule in tha swamp, suck my cock and commit suicide!!"
Track Name: Eibon demands Dixie flesh
Impure at least, the result of endogamic depravity
In their corruption, we found our offering.
Established a portal to their dimension, that collapse time & space
Protoplasmic tentacles, represents the primordial hate
Drag me into a senseless void
God of external gods, that creeps eternally
into a macabre equilibrium
Worshipping a colossal mass of caos
Alpha & omega, anthitesis of creation
Formless entity without conscience
Their insane melodies evokes madness!!
Track Name: Shamblers on ghoulish ecstasy
It feels the stench of the flesh, from beyond.
Dweller of the lower dimension,eats your soul!!
Shamblers on ghoulish ecstasy, vagabonds of the realms
Shamblers on ghoulish ecstasy, bloodshed of the acolyte
Spellcasting for doomed rites, visions on netherealms
Spreading human organs, in a blasphemous form
Wormhole reaches
Humanoid skeleton beneath melted skin
Cosmic destructor
Entity with claws
Domains of the ethereal
Track Name: Necromancy under LSD´s effects
Horrendous blasphemy
Corpses of junkies
Several hallucinogens
Vermins & coffins
Festering slime
Of human remains
Severed heads
for a Completed formula
Hastur´s cvlt
Ghosts of Carcosa
Hastur´s cvlt
Human blood spreaded in Hali
Track Name: Deep ones will raise again
Breeding from a deity
that remains dead but dreaming
Esoteric Dagon order
Inhabitants of a submerged R´lyeh
Deep ones!
Shall raise!!! Again!!!!
Conception thorugh rape
Ceremony of the grotesque
Blessings from Mother Hydra
The forgotten seal is now broken
Sons of an outer god
Ancestral elite who ruled the earth
dreaming eternally
Track Name: Cryptic procession of the Yellow sign
Oniric spawns, subhuman convulsions
Lsd´s freaks, macabre obsession
Chemical rites, gruesome visions
Cryptic procession...Yellow sign!
Cryptic procession!!!Yellow sign!!!!!
Sluts for a cosmic deity, impure junkie flesh
Ceremony of the sleaze, syringe full of crap