Summoning the Unanamable

from by Destino/Entierro



Forbidden pages of Eibon
Sumerian texts and cocaine
Summoning the unanameable
Collapse in an extasy
Blessed caos...Deep ones fighting for a six pack beer
Innsmouth shadow...vexed on a ritualistic alcoholism
Hippies, perfect host for the unnamable
Born from failure dixie mass
Worshipping Yog-Sothoth!
GG claims the ancient's will!
“I wanna puke, i'll share it with you fools
I gonna spread aids, i'm glad to see you die
I'm fucking drunk, fighting against you cunts
I rule in tha swamp, suck my cock and commit suicide!!"


from Cryptic procession of the yellow sign, released September 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Destino/Entierro Spain

Doom Death Band formed by members of Freakhate, General Winter, Human Waste, Lux Divina , Memest etc...

Line up:

Antuan: Vox
Abel: Bäss
Josue: Guitars
Dani: Drums

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